Galaxy Optimiser significantly improves caller-agent interaction, meaning that more issues are solved on the first call. Customer satisfaction rises, along with conversion, collection and retention rates, which improve revenues. Costs fall. The system reviews results to improve its algorithm every day, delivering sustained improvement in results over time.

Customer service organizations that continue to pair callers and agents at random simply will not be able to perform as well as those using Galaxy Optimiser’s intelligent analytics-based personality matching. In standard implementations, Galaxy Optimiser is turned on and off every 15 minutes. Because other performance influencing factors such as training, incentives, staffing levels, seasonality and even time of day are constant across multiple ON and OFF cycles, managers can precisely measure Galaxy Optimiser’s impact by contrasting business outcomes between Galaxy Optimiser ON and OFF.

Because personality pairing works so well and can be precisely measured, Galaxy Optimiser bases its entire business on the value it delivers. All payments are performance based. No fees. No maintenance. Just a commission on incremental value delivered.

Product Overview: (Please click here to download the PDF)

Real time “big data” pattern recognition

Galaxy optimiser delivers “big data” pattern recognition technology coupled with real-time enterprise telephony control

Galaxy optimiser continuously identifies patterns of interaction between agents and callers that result in success

Patterns are updated nightly and used in real-time to optimally assign callers to agents

Caller information acquired from commercially available databases such as Acxiom, Targus, or Allant

Agent information acquired from voluntary web-based twenty minutes survey

Zero adverse operational impact

Galaxy optimiser complements all incumbent telephony systems and has zero adverse operational impact

Galaxy optimiser picks up after any call strategy technology is complete (e.g., skills based routing); no need to change any existing call routing

All agents continue to be used at same level as prior to Galaxy optimiser; there is no segmentation of agents and no disproportionate use of any one group of agents

No change to existing agent hiring, training, skill assignment, or compensation processes

While running, Galaxy optimizer is invisible to both callers and agents

The customer and agent experience

Customer Agent Experience

No risk business model

Galaxy Optimiser takes a share of incremental revenues/benefits generated or saved, or costs reduced

No software, hardware, or any other fixed costs or investments

Typically less than 300 IT hours per switch to deploy

Essentially, an infinite IRR proposition at enterprise-impacting scale

Selected clients – benefits delivered


Galaxy Optimizer was developed by the founder and leader of the personality based call-pairing technology industry

Unique in its position of technology sophistication, evolution and scale of enterprise-class commercial deployment

Precisely measureable performance on an ongoing basis

Global capabilities

Can deliver millions in incremental benefits to clients

Rapid deployment with negligible implementation costs; GALAXY optimiser covers any & all internal client costs

Infinite ROI economic model that creates no risk and requires no investment

Multiple enterprise-level references to validate robustness of platform and commercial success