All our senior consultants are proven industry leaders in the UK and internationally.

Our focus will be on improving your business by understanding key factors and recommending appropriate solutions that will be relevant for your circumstances, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that may be common amongst generic consulting practises.

NMC Galaxy | Creating Profit Solutions

Who We Are:

We are a strategic consultancy focusing on a range of niche and specialist areas. NMC Galaxy only partners with nationally and internationally recognised partners, whether personnel or product solutions.

Although our primary clients are larger retail and FS organisations, we are able to provide tangible benefits to firms of any scale providing they have the ambition to work with industry leaders from NMC Galaxy.

In contrast to most Business Consultancies whose relationships with clients are based on payment in exchange for services, we generally achieve remuneration for revenues generated and increased incomes for clients and partners.